Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Break from the Fluff, Time to be an Outlaw!

Below is my commentary on an article being circulated through Linkedin, that I found absurd at best. I have to call this what it is. Misogyny with a different color suit and tie. A Letter to Men Who Trust Women How about women who trust men? What I would like to see is a movement to get the responsibility off of the backs of women and let's start talking about reproduction in an inclusive format. So, gentlemen I want to see someone move to the point where you take reproduction and the responsibility therein and do something to stop the rate of abortions. You want to show you believe in equality, then equally take responsibility to prevent unwanted pregnancies. What are men willing to do to help women? Does the vast majority of people understand that birth control for women is actually killing women? That the debate over and acted upon abortions are destroying who women are? Does anyone understand that women remain by and large in poverty because of reproduction and the failure of men to take responsibility? So, the comment Men who trust women is in and of itself "misogynistic!" Words send messages! So women need men to stand up and say "we get to take on even more responsibility to end pregnancies?" Put your money into research and go on the pill, or stop your little swimmers from invading our ova! Show us that you care! (it should be a purple ribbon in honor of the purple pill regime. Nothing like pharmaceuticals to find a way to keep it up, while not finding a way to keep the swimmers out!) So what are you entrusting to women Mr. Newmark?

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