Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stellar Line-up of Episodes on ArtSees Diner Radio

7/4 Anita Mathias, (UK) Wandering Between Two Worlds 7/5 Michelle Qureshi Music as Metaphor (Indianapolis) 7/6 Acting Out Theatre Company and the cast of Chicago (Chicago-land) 7/7 Be Inspired Be Transformed (Chicago-land to Indianapolis) 7/8 Patrick Blessinger (New York) Educator/Author Meaning Centered Education 7/9 Brother Doug's Blues Hour wk5, featuring Douglas C. Rapier, (Taipei) 7/10 Mission Trip In Your Own Backyard Merlin Gonzales (Indianapolis) 7/11 Clark Brooks, (Tampa) Author, Blogger 7/12 Nicolas Bearde (San Francisco) 7/13 Kathleen Procter-Moore Australia 7/14 Be Inspired Be Transformed, (Indianapolis) 7/15 Mod As Hell, (New York) 7/16 Forgiveness Documentary (Global) 7/16 Brother Doug's Blues Show Wk 6 7/17 Krish Dhanam joins Mission Trip In Your Own Backyard 7/18 Andrew Saxsma Author 7/19 Shun Kikuta Blues Musician, (Japan) 7/20 Mr. Fish and Film Maker Pablo Bryant 7/21 Be Inspired Be Transformed 7/22 Kenneth Braswell 7/23 Brother Doug's Blues Hour 7/25 Pastor Cory P. Pariseau

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