Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Michiana's Best Bagel and Lox! Casual Chef Cafe

The Casual Chef Cafe, associated with the Pumpernickel Inn in Union Pier Michigan is the closest to New York style bagel and lox that we have found in the Michiana area. Not only is their food fresh it is served by people who seem to care more about the customer than their cell phones, or privte conversations! What is also wonderful about the dish is that is served layered with cucumbers. This added touch when blended with fresh lox, large bagels (of your choosing) red onion, capers (the petite kind my favorite) and all the usual fixings. The coffee they brew serve is Starbucks for a little added kick. All of their freshly made cuisine is a masterpiece. Feel like some gelato or maybe an amazing over-sized brownie? They know how to please the palette! Very reasonably priced!

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