Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whine and Cheese -"It's Merlot Time!" Laugh Responsibly

Whine and Cheese -"It's Merlot Time!" 05/02 by ArtSeesDiner | Blog Talk Radio Is a new weekly show on Artsees Diner Radio. "ADRadio is about bringing to life the people, places and things associated with the Mother Ship, ArtSeesDiner.com. This show brings to the listener, Mary, Maureen and Kris. Mary is the CEO, founder, editor, producer, the "Mother" behind the Diner. Maureen is a sister of Mary, and Kris, is not only the sister-in-law of Mary, but, the spouse of Maureen. The diversity of the 3 women hosting this show promises to bring some "Whine" a lot of "cheezer" moments, so heart to heart conversations at time, and yes, as the artwork indicates, a shared love of a nice glass of wine.

The 3 women will do what they are best at, BEING WOMEN! Join them as they embark a journey of discovery.

ArtSeesDiner.com is a virutal little diner that brings to the reader, and now listener that comfortable "third place." The "third place" is that place that people go to to discuss the trends of the day, the concerns of the moment, the heart of the matter, and to Just BE! For many, many years, Mary would spend morning after morning drinking coffee with Maureen, as they would discuss more topics than anyone could possibly imagine. Over the years, that common "third place" their dining room tables have grown further apart logistically. Thanks to technology, they get to come together one night as week and share with you, their listener that which cannot be silenced; love, life, family, friendship, a good bottle of wine, and laughter that will send you begging for more!

The team of 3 promise to bring fine pairings, wine tasting, special guests, and whatever comes their way. Please join Mary, Maureen and Kris as they proclaim, "Nothing Could be Finer than the Ladies of the Diner! "Whine and Cheese, It's Merlot Time!" Cheers!

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