Thursday, March 21, 2013

Statement of Philosophy - Education

I believe that education needs to be approached from a transformational perspective. As our society grows in multifaceted dimensions, it is imperative to move away from a “one size fits all” approach to education. When we do this we fail to embrace the richness in diversity, culture and gifted-ness of the individual. From the first moment I entered into education as a professional educator, I began to rewrite and align the curriculum to best meet the needs of the learner, while fulfilling state standards. Remaining strongly committed to developing 21st century learners I approach education with an entrepreneurial spirit, where each individual student is the focused product. A deep understanding for the need to implement with expedience Instructional Technology is a central component of content delivery. As an agile provider of educational services to my students and district, whether my student is a veteran educator developing her first interactive power point, or a struggling reader, with a careful modeled approach the learner emerges successful and confident of their individual potential. In particular, my passion lies in educational reform, integrated curricular design, student as the product, producing educational leaders who understand what it means to implement sound integrated problem based instruction. I believe reform moves to transform in developing the capacity of educators to become leaders in their own communities. Moving the profession of education to one of progressive alignment in keeping pace with a global dynamic. I believe education needs to be approached in terms of transforming education, not merely reforming it. What is needed in order to bring this to fruition are transformational leaders dedicated to bringing education to a newer higher form of specialization and moving away from strict content based pedagogy to one of a “wholistic,” all inclusive based approach. Believing that every child can learn provided that they are met where they are. Holding strong to an understanding that every teacher is more than just a deliverer of content, but a diagnostician, the first responder to need, and responsible for the individuals well-being in that moment of connection. That the children that come to us are not their circumstance, but, individuals with the capacity to develop their individual areas of gifted-ness and develop other areas with specificity to those needs. The 21st century learner can no longer function through bolt and cog production line approach to education. The global learner needs to have a balanced understanding of the world and a specialist in multifarious approaches to understanding the world in which they live in. It is through this approach that a reformation of our public education will take place.

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