Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It is all in a day's work...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...you would think that on the first day of December I would be singin falalalala's and flinging mistletoe around like it was a pillow being fluffed before a long winter's nap. But, no not this girlie girl. Instead, I am sneezing, weezing, coughing and grumbling because once again I am sick thanks to work. Yup, while some people go deep into the ground and develop black lung as they haul out dark coal from the bowels of earth and others risk back injury as they climb up on roofs hauling shingles, I am one of millions of educators who exposed them to injury, illness, and more everyday as they go to work to take care of and educate America's children. While mommies and daddies everyday send their little Suzie and Johnny off to school they go on their way avoiding the reality that their child is ill, and they should probably keep them at home so that the rest of humanity does not succumb to their child's crud!
Sure, they go to work, and if they are lucky they work with adults and are capable of avoiding Fred and Fran's sneezing fits from their kids.

Seriously, this is the second time since September that I have been on Augmentin for a respiratory infection. Suprisingly, when I worked in the "adult" world, I was rarely ill. Never ill enough to go to the doctor. So, the way I see it, if this continues, I will be ill again in February, and then early May before I get a respite from the darlings.

So case in point; it is all in a day's work, teachers, especially those of adolescent age children and below are at a greater risk for chronic illness, (not to mention mental illness)and you would think that keeping that in mind, we would have enough sick days to make sure that we kept our sneezing, weezing, belly cramping illness in bed where it belongs. But, no, the truth is, it is actually more work to stay home and prepare a classroom for a guest teacher, who will undoubtedly not follow your well-crafted lesson plans!

Maybe tomorrow I will feel a little more like falalalala-ing and rejoice in the the season, after all Tis' the season to be "Mary"

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