Saturday, November 28, 2009

It is time to regain my title as "Queen of SoapBlogging"

Soapblogging is a term I coined a couple of years ago. I have always loved he old way in which word was spread, political issues were discussed, and new theories engaged. It was through soapboxing. People would gather their soap box and place it in town square, on a corner, in a park, or anywhere there was a potential audience.

So it is that I take to my soap box, by way of a blog. It is my fondest desire to blog daily. Many blog away at random and this is a good thing. For me, I will blog my way into Christmas. Refusing to be a pansy and be PC calling it holiday for example. No for me it is Christmas. Not necessarily as Christmas has been in the past, but Christmas all the same. I still am fascinated by the story of Christ's birth. To me it matters not whether others choose to discuss the validity of the birth, the outcome is still the same. We gather together in love around the world to recognize the value in loving. So, I choose to love this Christmas. I will share over the next 25+ days random acts of love that I witness along the way. I might throw in a few other tidbits along the way for good measure.

Peace and thank you for joining me on my little journey as the soapbubbles rise forth from my soapblogging, I pray that maybe, just maybe we may experience a little temporal cleansing and come out refreshed, together!

Ciao Bella

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